Eaten Music — Australian designers Tin&Ed's invitation to participate in this public art work in Melbourne, Australia. Soliciting modular contributions from around the world, they asked contributors to think about "invisible forces that connect us all." My approach: One of the invisible forces that connect us is music. Music has no gender, no nation, no religion.
Bon Appetit :)
Participants: Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister, Maria Soler & Daniela Villanueva, James Brown, Martin Venesky, Na Kim, Ariane Spanier, Yung-Chen Nieh, Mariano Sigal, Mehmet Ali Türkmen, Antoine Audiau, Manuel Warosz, David Smith, Nikki Gonnissen, Michaela Webb, Julien Vallée, Leonardo Sonnoli, Andrew Ashton, Tin Nyguen & Ed Cutting.